Aurora Sofia is more than a brand. It is a way of living, eating, sleeping and breathing.

For me it is all of those, for you probably something else. It is more or less a natural way of living, natural fabrics, wool, leather and wood.

Aurora Sofia is all about natural beauty, it is a natural look without any makeup if you feel so. It is the body positivity, acceptance of your true self.

Aurora Sofia stands for respecting the others and yourself. It is clothes made in Finland – by adults, in good working conditions. It is locally produced food. It is sustainable way of living, making the world a better place for all of us.

Aurora Sofia is taking care of the world and people around you, it is long walks by the sea and in the woods. It is a moment of Yoga and meditation in the morning, it is the decision of enjoying the moment.

Aurora Sofia is knowledge, it is passion for understanding and learning. It is a question of trying not to give up. It is a freedom to make choices.

Aurora Sofia is The Lifestyle – You are your own Aurora Sofia

Jenni Nilsson, head designer